"It's Sandia- like Sangria!" But Happy Hour aside, Sandia Marie Ahlers was named after her father's favorite place: a mountain range east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Los Montañas Sandías ("The Watermelon Mountains") were named by the Conquistadores as they plundered the Americas in 1540. Their unusual color made for a unique moniker. Sandia loves the added flavor that her namesake brings, and the conversation piece it has become.

    Sandia has been performing on a local and regional level since the age of three. She spent the greater part of her childhood in Orlando, FL running from Girl Scout meetings to softball practice to voice lessons, and squeezing a rigorous academic load in every commute. High school brought more performance opportunity through choirs, competitive troupes and as many plays as she could attend rehearsal for. Her busy schedule bread a love for multi-tasking and Starbucks that powered her transition to a fine arts degree at the University of Central Florida.


  During her time at UCF Sandia experienced a wide set of roles from Madame Volanges in Les Liaisons Dangereuses to the titular Chaperone in The Drowsy Chaperone. Ever the multi-tasker, she packed her workload with extra credit hours, part-time jobs and regional summer stock. In her senior year Sandia joined Universal Studios Orlando as the Bride of Frankenstein in their 80's rock-n-roll review show, The Beetlejuice Gravevard Mash-Up. She finished her degree with a year-long Meinser intensive that culminated in her undergraduate thesis: Meisner Meets the Musical, chaired by second generation Meisner student, Katherine Ingram.


  Sandia has since enjoyed exploring the USA on several national tours including as Patsy Cline in A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline [pictured left]. She is based in NYC and continues to enjoy her work with reputable houses across the nation.

  Sandia spends her free time adopting house-plants to apartment-train since Huskies can not go on tour.


"Never, Neverland" by Scott Alan